Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brain in a Jar maze

When I get some free time I like to create free mazes for kids. My collection of free printable mazes is one of the most popular posts. The Brain in a Jar maze is the first uploaded maze that is also in color. The colored maze concept has been stuck in my head ever since owning a copy of Marvel's Secret Wars as a little kid. One of the advertisements of that comic book was for Fig Newtons and it featured a colored maze. Unfortunately I had completed this maze the first time I read the book, thus rendering the maze completed during future reads. I kicked myself for that on many occasions, wishing I could do the maze all over again.

I've included the black and white printable maze too, so you can chose between the color or the black in white, in case you do not have the option of printing in color. My art class of 9 - 11 year olds had a hard time completing the maze when I gave them each copies.

In case you were curious about the fig newton maze that inspired me, check it out:

Bookmark my website, and check back periodically for more free mazes.

1 comment:

Exold said...

Thanks for posting this! Always nice to give the kids a challenge :). Plus...mazes!

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