Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clowns for a Day

Kelsey (on the left) and myself (on the right) transformed into clowns last night at the 45th annual Jamestown Art Center gala. The event raises money for the local art center by auctioning off donated items and selling tickets to the event which includes a meal, live music and other activities. This years' theme was Cirque De Soliel. Kelsey and myself were part of the 'other' activities as cirque de soliel themed clowns. The great costumes were made specifically for us.

Kelsey thinks my overzealous clowning made more enemies than friends, and I admit I saw more nervous displeased looks than happy ones. I think I had more fun as a clown than anyone attending the event. My antics included; climbing one of the free standing walls and pretending to nap and pretending to nearly fall of the edge as I dreamed, pretending to get drunk and fall around wasted, and trying to swat an imaginary fly. Kelsey's more laid back strategy seemed to be more crowd pleasing.

I did donate a miniature clown painting to the silent auction. You can see it below. The first photo should give you a sense of scale and the second should give you a close up of the details. The painting is 3 and a half inches square and mounted inside the gold frame.


Kris said...

Did you get to keep the costumes? Very cool mini painting. What did you paint it with? Markers or do you actually paint that small with acrylics?

William Hessian said...

most of my miniatures are marker/colored pencil combos. this clown work is done with acrylics. I found my smallest brush, and enjoyed painting the tiny characters.

i drew the entire thing with markers and colored pencils first, then painted over nearly the entire thing with acrylics.

im not sure if we get to keep the outfits.

Kris said...

Neat, It looked like acrylics to me when looking at the detail shot. But I wasn't entirely sure. You did a great job painting so small.

Anonymous said...

You guys make awesome clowns! Also love the painting!

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