Friday, September 25, 2009

7 photos

a few nights ago, trying to ignore sleep, I decided to take a few photographs. These are all unedited photos from an hour long photo shoot in the middle of the night at my apartment. I do not altogether like the colors, and lack of contrast I get with my digital camera, and did try editing a number of these photos with GIMP, but in the end I wanted to post my raw favorites. They all seem to act as a cumulative self portrait in a way.

I am inspired by Kris Ericson's photo blog, Jesse Valley's upcoming fall photo show, and Argente Photographie.


Kris said...

These are neat Billy! I like two, three and the foot one best. The foot one messed with my head when I first looked at it.

As far as the colors, there must be a white balance setting on your camera. I'm not sure why there wouldn't be one.

Contrast sucks on my camera too, I usually have to adjust the contrast in Gimp when I edit my photos. Unless it's naturally a very contrasty scene. I usually use Curves and Levels to do it.

Anonymous said...

A nice variety of photos!

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