Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. Vampire Coat

Another new sketch in my sketchbook. A lot of this work is being done while I modify more bearded bunnies to be sent to Art-O-Mat. Mixed media. The style here is looser than usual, which helps me have a freedom of line quality and the ability to bypass the obsession of details. I am becoming more aware of layers and in tune with layers. For a sketch, I am happy with the process.


Took said...

Lovely and wonderfully vampirey!

Kris said...

I like this a lot. The colors are very nice and I like how you kept it nice and loose. Anymore like this?

I was going to post this earlier, he totally reminds me of John Malkovich. Specifically if you hadn't given him hair he would look just like the character he played in con-air. Except with a rather large collar.

William Hessian said...

i have some unfinished works in more of this style. Usually i do not work them enough to be very enjoyable.

I did not really see the Con-air reference at first, but now i do. I enjoy Malkovich very much, so I am glad.

I need to do more random sketches like this, because when I do not have anything in mind it is fun to see what style and subject matter tends to creep out.

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