Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Billy Vs Matt 12 final photo

The last thing you saw at the Red Hot Art Festival was 16 portraits, 8 ruined with a super soaker filled with 8. Portraits were created by matt semke and william hessian (myself) live during the weekend art festival in Minneapolis.

The subjects were people who came to the festival. The medium was watercolor, the time limit was 20 minutes per portrait. The crowd voted on their favorite, to determine which losing painting was destroyed with the super soaker.

As you can see, all works were hung on a string during the event.


Kris said...

They all look great. Nice picture.

Povertee said...

Good Show Billy and Matt. To bad the weather sucked. You guys should have done a sudden death painting with some crazy rules to decide the winner. Something like you have to paint a portrait of a person on a live cat.

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