Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two submissions in the JFAA annual show

I decided to frame up two linoleum buffalo prints with embellished illustrations to enter into the JFAA annual show here in Jamestown, North Dakota. The show itself is amazing, with around 150 artworks from over 60 different artists living in North Dakota. I commend Sally Jeppson for her curatorial and hanging efforts, as the show overflowed out of the gallery and into the hallway. Not only where their a lot of works to deal with, but there was also a number of paintings and sculptures that were HUGE. Gigantic sculptures, 8 foot X 8 foot paintings and all kind of awkward things to put on display. The opening was a blast. Everyone at the art center is amazing at organizing great parties, and this one was well attended and the food was excellent (and vegetarian).

Before the show I took these two pictures of my submissions. I should probably take a picture of the actual display in the show. The other two pictures show how well attended the show was. Kelsey and I had such a good time meeting some really fun artists, that we hope to stay in contact with during future residencies in Jamestown.

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