Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Final Canvas Kill Live painting show

My 11 week experiment, Canvas Kill Live, comes to an end this Saturday. The live online painting show WITH A TWIST this saturday will mark the end of my painting shows. Due to the popularity of the shows, I hope to do another series of shows starting in January 2010.

If you are not familiar with my canvas kill project, you should looks at the gallery and watch the art kill videos which you can find on the Canvas Kill Live website. It has been a lot of fun communicating with people, while I create art and especially when I destroy art.

On Saturday, this painting will be destroyed, unless someone saves it. The painting theme for this show will be chosen by those that come and watch me on the webcam (free to watch).

The reason I am not continuing the show, is because I am moving back to Minneapolis and creating an art hunt, doing at art battle at the Red Hot Festival, and taking classes at the Center for Book Arts. The other reason, is that I may have very limited internet access at the new location.

Make sure to watch my final live art show Canvas Kill Live, and just to give you a visual taste of the flavor of the show, here are my favorite four photos from the previous shows:

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