Friday, April 3, 2009

Free printable mazes

Dragon Maze

Fun for all ages! Mazes for kids and adults. Clever Mazes. This is where you will find all of my free printable mazes. Feel free to save them on your computer and print as many as you wish. I have been printing them and bringing them to my art classes, art in the park events and art shows for people to solve.. Kids love them. Updated with new mazes 2018!

Dont have a printer? I am selling a brand new book of all my mazes below (including a few extra bonus mazes): MAZES of DOOM: Maze Book by William Hessian. Contact me if you would like to order one.

To download these mazes simply click the one you want, once it gets bigger right click to save or print:

Brain in a Jar Maze
(also available in black and white)

Lucky Charms: a maze without dead ends
Pizza Maze

Jay Agate Maze

Mind Sieve Maze

Free Printable Maze 
(also available in black and white)

Splatter Maze

Fun Octopus Maze

Eyeball Maze
(learn about the coloring contest)

Pipe Works Maze

Lily's Jungle Maze

Celtic Maze

Castle Hydra Maze

Jenga- Bird Maze

Jasper: King of the Pill Maze

Tunnels of Madness
Gong Maze

Tongues of the Beasts

The Holy Donut

UPDATE (2018) Amazingly, this post is almost 10 years old! Thank you for all the continued support, especially teachers and parents: but most importantly the kids! Keep printing them off and enjoying them.

I have been a maze lover since I was old enough to hold a pen (which was age 3). I remember the first He-man Masters of the Universe coloring book I had, which featured some really neat mazes and puzzles. Since then I have created hundreds of mazes during grade school, high school and college. I have incorporated mazes into graphic novels, fine art, treasure hunts and other fine art projects. Games and puzzles are a brilliant way to challenge the mind, for youth and adults alike. I challenge you to download my mazes and give them a try. I enjoy find clever designs or patterns in my maze making and while my mazes are short to solve they can be quite clever and difficult at times. But why take my word for it? Print them out and try for yourselves.

I've also found a bunch of other awesome sites with free printable mazes, so check them out if you want more mazes!


DoriDoo said...

awesome, I will print some for my middle school kids. You should put that one with the key and the sword and the monster on here.

William Hessian said...

good idea about my sword dragon maze. next time i find it in my masses of papers i will scan it. that reminds me to look for other mazes from the past to add here.

Thetoymakers said...

Love this!

Aytimothy said...

Those mazes are great but um... not difficult and complicated.

EnglishTeacher said...

Thank you very much for these wonderful mazes! Used the hydra one at the end of a test so my pupils can relax a little :)

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