Friday, March 13, 2009

Free Art Friday

In my search for hidden art links I found the flickr group, Free Art Friday and had to get involved. Below is my first contribution to the group. The gallery is filled with other great hidden art, and artworks.

My work is marker and colored pencil on beveled wood. The work is hidden on a roof in Jamestown, North Dakota. The set of pictures gives away the location, but wanted to show them to give you an idea of how fun hiding free art can be. This particular location is what I look at every day from my artist apartment (see photo 3), and on top of this furniture store there is a little shack, which has been the canvas to some inexperienced graffiti artists (graffiti is not very popular, nor impressive in North Dakota-see photo 1 & 2). The little shack was inhabited by an old hermit for year, according to the employees of the furniture store. The alley side of the building has a set of rickety wooden stairs leading to the top of the store. The building appears to have been abandoned for years now, but the structure lives on as an oddity, and homage to the mysterious resident. None of the workers had any idea how he had permission to live there, or if anyone knew at the time. The cool thing is that he found external plugs to steal electricity from the store, and would invite people over to watch fireworks or layout in the sun. I would love to meet this guy, if he is still around. i figured it was a brilliant place to hide my first Free Art Friday submission.

I personally love all free art projects, and the infusion of art with the public.
I think all artists on every level should participate in free arts friday in some respect. Free art is good exposure, and the adrenaline of creating an artwork meant to given away for a random person to find is very rewarding. The photos that result from such ventures are also compelling images on their very own.

Check out Free Art Friday's gallery, and if you want to read or learn more about hidden art make sure to check out my Complete Guide to Hidden Art.

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An artist friend who also does trash art is John Robert Lee. His website is

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