Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Complete Guide to Hidden Art

Right here is your home to everything you could ever want to know about hidden art, free art, guerrilla art, and the artists who create it. Provided below is links to hidden art projects from the past, from the present and to be performed in the future. If you know of any hidden art projects I have missed please leave me a comment with a link and I will make sure to add it to this list. If you are an artist, that wants to get on this list, hide some art, document it and send it my way. Hiding your own art is probably the easiest way you can be guaranteed to be featured right here on my blog. Plus, you are then contributing to hidden art in the community. Which is always a great thing.

Each artist and art project serves different goals. Some hidden art is meant to make the art more valuable or desirable, or promote a product like the (book with hidden jewels to find). Art project can often times be free projects to help get art into the hands of families and kids, who often cannot afford to buy art from a gallery. Sometimes hidden art can be a way to express political or satirical points, which otherwise would be overlooked.

The site is constantly growing as I find and am exposed to more hidden art project. If you have anything that should be on this list, please leave a comment with proper links. Also bookmark this page because I will be adding to it often.

Hidden Art websites:
It's Yours, Take it
Wooster Collective
Bathroom Graffiti Project
Free Art Friday

Hidden Art Artist's:
Never 2501
William Hessian
Bonus Saves
My Dog Sighs
Rev K

Hidden Art Projects:
Little People a tiny street art project
Art as Treasure free miniature art hunts

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