Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the buffalo hunt is back!

The Jamestown Miniature Buffalo Hunt is back for the fourth time. This year, 2009, the buffalo hunt takes place during the frigid winter North Dakota temperatures, challenging the residents to search for hidden buffalo indoors, inside of public buildings. Like past hunts, artist William Hessian, will provide visual clues on his personal website once the hunt begins. The photographs will provide clues to the location of each hidden buffalo, and will be more revealing as the hunt proceeds.

The art hunt is open to everyone! Keep in mind only one buffalo can be found per family, and that all buffalo are hidden in plain sight; meaning you do not need to climb, dig or move anything to find them.

The first 10 clues will appear on on Friday February 6th, 2009 and continue until all 10 buffalos are found. The art hunt is a part of Cabin Fever Days, and supported by the Jamestown Art Center.

The photo displays the 'white buffalo'. The winner that finds the white buffalo gets to keep the original artwork, AND will be awarded the grand prize donating by the art center.

All other buffalo hidden finders will be rewarded with keeping the original art, AND awarded with a bearded bunny art print hand-signed and numbered by the artist, William Hessian. Prizes can be claimed at the Jamestown Art Center.

Make sure to check out and bookmark the official 2009 Jamestown Miniature Buffalo Hunt page and return on February 6th for the first 10 clues and go find yourself a buffalo!

1 comment:

Took said...

William, your art hunts are so very clever and cool...I hope we can arrange for you to come to the Detroit area on your next tour!

I think that Northville would love you!

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