Monday, February 2, 2009

3-D snowman for third grade

A great winter art project to do with 1st -3rd graders.

The concept combines drawing, paper cutting and 3-dimensional paper sculpture elements. I highly suggest chalk as the coloring tool (take precautions with the messiness of chalk), and using dark ugly construction paper for the initial background.

Materials needed:
pencil eraser
construction paper
stack of scrap white papers (two 4x6 sheets per child is all that is needed with proper page management)
chalk (or alternative coloring material)

Time: 55-60 minutes (including clean up)

Why this project is awesome:
First of all, it transcends a typical snowman by adding the 3 dimensional aspect to it. Secondly, it breaks down the simple snowman into concrete steps of drawing circles, patterns and colors. The hand eye skill involved in creating accordion folds to achieve the pop up effect with glue is a very good learning process, and allows for the project to take on new life upon completion. I have taught this class 6 times, and there is a definite since of accomplishment when the kids finish a 3-d snowman art project in less than 60 minutes.

For those wondering why I am posting about art lesson plans all of a sudden, the reason is because I am currently in Jamestown, North Dakota for another artist in residence. I am fulfilling the optional teaching portion of the residency and doing art projects in all of the elementary schools in Jamestown. I do not have an education degree; I do have a BA in studio arts and a history of teaching art and kids through other programs like Young Rembrandt's and Youth Enrichment League.

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