Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Miniature Robots

One of my newest series, depicts these very small robots drawn with metallic pens, and color pencil on black composite board. An acrylic gloss medium is painted over top to give them a high gloss finish. Keep in mind these artworks are literally 1.5 inches square. Not much bigger than a US quarter.

I had originally planned this set of nine drawings to be awarded as "Wildo" prizes in a "Where's William Project". Basically, if you found me at certain locations (like my work or art events) and said "Wildo" to me, you would receive one of these original robot drawings. I have decided against this project, for the time being. Although I may resurrect the concept in the near future. Especially if anyone responds to the idea with any exuberance.

Instead, I have decided to make these nine robots be a part of another project, to be announced in the future. Since I scanned them in, I figured I would post them exclusively on my blog to give you a sneak peek at new art. I am working on a number of really cool projects and blog posts for the next few weeks and am excited to show them to you. If you enjoy my blog make sure to 'subscribe' (see the top right corner of the page).

For those that are finding me from craigslist advertisements, mnartists.org, or other sources; I welcome you to browse my blog and learn more about me and my artwork. You can see my official website at www.williamhessian.com and if you happen to be a collector, I would love for you to check out my art for sale on etsy.


Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I noticed you asked for an advert on my blog. I like your work, especially your still lifes and icons. !

Lori said...

I like this. It's sort of reminiscent of the Warhol Marilyn Monroe montage, but much more interesting.

Lily Young Art said...

Keep up the good work!

jx said...

i really like the new art. thanks for the sneak peek. as far as the "where's wildo" thing...my vote doesn't really count b/c i never get my butt up to the cities.

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