Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am on TV

WCCO Chanel 4 came to interview me yesterday. We spoke about my Minneapolis Art Hunt. You can watch the video by going to WCCO's website.

The art hunt is in its winding moments. Less than half of the artwork is remaining, and the easy clues have just been uploaded. The park locations will be revealed tonight for the remaining hidden art.

WCCO literally contacted me the night before by e-mail, asking to do a story about the hunt, and less than 24 hours later, there it was on TV on the local news. I am excited to see that my miniature art hunts, of which I performed 7 this summer on a road trip across america, are growing in popularity each place I go. Starting with website and newspaper media, and now growing to local news. I hope the trend continues.

You can learn more, and even GO on the hunt today if you have time, by checking out the information and visual clues available on

You can also browse my last few blog posts and learn a lot more about the artwork, the concept and see videos and pictures.

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