Friday, September 5, 2008

Art O Mat's Bearded Bunny variations!

Art O Mat is one of the coolest art projects in America today. Artists from around the world create tiny cigarette box sized artworks to be placed inside of vintage cigarette machines located all over the country. Some people make tiny lino prints, or small scale drawings, little sculptures, figurines, collages. You can buy yourself an original peice of artwork for only 5 dollars.

The machines themselves are works of art, as they have been restored and been turned into sculptures. You can find a list of Art-O-Mats here.

This summer during my art tour across America I was able to visit 5 different art-o-mats along the West coast. Unfortunately, I lost all of my art tour images due to a computer problem. Except for this one (below), I happen to have saved because I posted it on Aaron Kraten's myspace after buying his art in San Francisco and meeting and drawing a collaboration with him in Costa Mesa, California. It is a sample of Aaron Kraten's art that can be found and purchased in an Art-O-Mat machine.

If you have been to my blog before, you know that I sell my own bearded bunny prints online for only 5 dollars. However, for my Art-O-Mat contribution I create one of a kind hand drawn bearded bunny variations to be sent across the country. Here are a couple samples:

Here shows an untouch Man-At-Arms bunny (left) and a golden suit variation (right). Most of the variation are done with silver, gold and black additions. The prints are glued and nailed to black rectangles of wood. The shape and size make them extremely fun to hold and collect.
Here are two Crab Bunny variations that can be found in Art O Mat machines across the country. Look for one near you, and hopefully you can find my bearded bunnies available for only $5.
The Sorceress variations. Hand drawn, and completely unique.
Here is my latest 50 bearded bunnies that have just been shipped off to Art O Mats. If you found my site, because you have purchased one of my bunnies, please send me a picture and a comment and I will feature you on my blog!

In the meantime, read more about my experience with art o mats and see the tower of bunnies.

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Barbara said...


I like your artomat artwork. I create art blocks for artomat also. I've tagged your blog. Swing over to mine and click on my "follow me" button. I want to make a list of artomat artists on my blog... I think you will be my first... Oh, blush... :)

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