Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Records, Comix & music

Today, I was strolling down Lyndale in Minneapolis on my way to vote. I stopped at SOO gallery, and one of my favorite stores Robot Love. In the front I saw a promotional CD called I Heart Comix Scion CD Sampler Volume 21. This promotional CD came with 2 CDs and an impressive case. I popped disc 1 in the CD player and was damn impressed. The high tempo nearly rave music featured some great unheard beats and I dug each song. Disc one has 8 songs and disc two has nineteen more.

Once I got to the church I vote at, I had the Protokill- Moving Forward blasting, and the preschool kids walking to the playground were getting into it as well. I am now listening to disc 2 and so far it has another great mix of songs. I have not explored this genre very deeply, however, it effects me a great deal. I find the songs very motivating.

As you can see from the picture, this is the best free promotional mix tape I have ever found. If you enjoy techno, rave, or fast paced music you need to check them out, I Heart Comix. The comics section is coming soon, and based on the CD art, looks to be very interesting. The music can be sampled on their myspace page and I am sure you could get a promotional CD from them if you sent them a message. It may even be available for download somewhere. I strongly recommend it. This will be my new art creating soundtrack for the next week or so.

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