Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We could all use more police weapons

I do not advocate weapons or violence. In fact, I would advocate the exact opposite. One of my least favorite people was my college roommate who was a criminal justice major. Yet surefire, a company that sells police products has a few neat things. Aside from the knifes and other weapons, they have a cool arrangement of LED flashlights for helmets, car mounts, vest lights and hand held lights. I personally have an affinity for these LED flashlights. I hate, but understand the importance, of those flood lights, and they also sell those.

While the implications of law enforcement weapons can turn some people, i happen to always enjoying seeing the best products used by this department because it shows you what technilogical advancements have been made in this modern day. These very light, very small, portable LED Flashlights are also extremely bright & long lasting. A small accomplishment for us, and leading us into new modern technologies in the field of lights.

I really plan to use small LED lights for my solar robots, and possibly sock creatures I have been creating and therefore my research in this area is important to me. I have no idea if any military, law enforcement, security or criminal justice majors have ever read my art blog, I would assume there has been one or two, so this post might only appeal to the select few in that regard. However, I think everyone is interested in the future and which way we as a nation, or race are going is a fascinating subject to think about. The products on surefire seem to reflect the science fiction that has become science fact, just like the cell phone or the internet. Now if only we can hurry on to robots and flying cars I will start getting REALLY excited.

I will be posting more about my solar robots and sock creatures in the near future.

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