Monday, August 25, 2008

Tiger Woods finger painting

Here is a finger painting I did of the golfer Tiger Woods. I used acrylic paint, my finger and construction paper. This was a series of finger paintings done when I did not have any brushes and really wanted to paint.

If you are interested in owning this picture I am selling it on my Etsy Shop. It may be already sold by the time you look ,but I should have some other original works available for sale. This is the only work I have ever done of Tiger Woods to date, and only one of a handful of fingerpaintings I have done since I have been 6 years old.

I do plan on exploring fingerpainting again at some point, since I feel the freedom of not dealing with details makes for a much more expression and loose style of art. It also helps you eye define shapes and colors, in order to contruct the form properly. I am not expert on fingerpainting, but can understand how the act of doing it helps my other work in both painting, drawing and airbrushing.

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