Thursday, June 5, 2008

Introduction to this blog

The short and simple introduction to this blog: is to say that this blog is a extension of my official artist website It allows for further depth into my projects, my friends, my process, my artwork and many other insights into life as a 30 year old Minneapolis based artist.

The long and complicated logistics of how this blog came to be:
In November 2007, the Bearded Bunny Blog began. I had been running Zombie Robot Frosting which was quickly becoming a very unfocused blog about everything. I decided I had so much artwork, art info, art interests to blog about that it made the most sense to start an actual art blog.

My history in art includes a BA in Fine Art from Winona State University, with focuses in painting and drawing and sequences in sculpture, ceramics and printmaking. I graduated in 2004 and began displaying work in galleries in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, you can view my resume here. In 2006 I started an airbrushing company with Pat Reese Sr. called Billy and the Old Man Design, which focused on the airbrush customization of motorcycles and other automobiles. I currently travel the country performing miniature art hunts.

The biggest recent projects I am working on:

Art as Treasure Art Hunts

To many, I am "Mr. Art Hunt". The public miniature art hunts I perform are free to the public art projects that bring people to the parks, and art to the people. Miniature original artworks are hidden in public places. Photographs are released as visual clues to help the public find the artworks. The art hunts typically include art in the parks events and winners keep the original art. I have been over 20 art hunts, including Costa Mesa, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Jamestown, North Dakota; Billings, Montana; Northville, Michigan; Portland, Maine; Portland, Oregon and all over Minnesota.

Billy Vs Matt art battles

A series of ongoing performace art battle projects with Matt Semke. We challenge ourselves to monster axe chops, cave man vs dinosaur paint offs, ten foot paint brush wars, sledding art battles, and much more.

Bearded Bunnies

Currently up to 70 different bearded bunnies and counting. A collection of small drawings that I named this blog after. The small bunnies are sold as prints for $5 each online, at galleries, art festivals or coffee shops.

The Goal of this Blog

The reason I have this blog is to have an open forum to share my current art projects, and also express my joys about other artists, art products, art shows and artwork. I travel a lot around the country, and I try to feature many people and places along my travels. This blog should give you a good idea of some of the art that goes on in this city, and some of the projects that I am creating in response to living there.


Catherine said...

Your mazes drew me in but I am a fan of the cats. Doing a cat project with some elementary kids this month and I think you are now my example. (hope that is ok)

William Hessian said...

Catherine, I am honored to be an example for your class. Thank you.

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