Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Painting with Ten Foot Poles

Billy Vs Matt 9
Painting with Ten Foot Poles
Labor Room - Adventure Festival
Center for the Independant Artists
Minneapolis, MN
June 6-8th, 2008

Since 2004 artists Matt Semke and William Hessian have been involved in 8
art battles. Battles have included destruction of art, designing free
energy machines, cave man vs dinosaur, paint offs, monster axe battle, and collaboration. The ninth installment at the Center for Independent artists will feature a battle to see which artist can better wield a ten foot paint brush. The two works of art will be voted on by the onlooking crowd, and the painting with the fewest votes will be defaced. No sooner than the work is ruined do the two artists then sit back down to battle in another round of *Ten Foot Paint Brushes: Billy Vs Matt 9.*

The Labor Room features more than 20 artists who are create art live in front of the onlooking crowds. Come see photographers, painters, mixed media, ceramics, sculptures and more. The work produced at the show will be up on display in the gallery for weeks afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

This is really cool. I'll spread the word to my friends in the twin cities.

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