Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Deformed Bunnies hidden in the bluffs

Last weekend, I unleashed three deformed bunnies into the bluffs. Since the three bunnies are not weather proofed, I hid them in very obvious places hoping for some people to pick them up before the April snow. I have a feeling at one of them is currently snow damaged. They are deformed anyways, so it might be better with snow damage.

Here are the images of the hidden bunnies, notice the lone sandal that someone lost climbing sugarloaf. My hidden art projects are leading my towards my art as treasure: art tour in June, where I will be hiding over 60 miniature artworks in public parks in the midwest and westcoast of the United States.

If you enjoyed this blog, you should see my other
48 bearded bunnies
. If you are a fan of treasure hunts, or hidden artwork please learn more about my art as treasure: art tour.

Also, to see other hidden art projects I have done, see my Garbage Park Ratings with hidden art as a bonus.


Kris said...

That's awesome Billy.
I was wondering, is your website or email address somewhere on the back of the bunnies? Curious to see if you will get some kind of response from whoever finds one.

William Hessian said...

no. usually i do add my website on things i leave around. but in this case they dont really have a clue where they came from. which i think makes them all the more mysterious. except for those reading my blog....for the readers there is no mystery.

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