Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Killer Art Show

Killer Art Show

Part of my job at Billy and the Old Man is curating and hanging art shows every two months. This month I have gathered 6 great local artists from Minnesota. I am a big fan of the artwork of these artists and I hoping for a great show.

Along with setting up the artists, I also work on getting musical performances for our art openings. For the Killer Art show I have two one man acts, Cronkitte Satelite (Ryan Simonet) and Adam. Also, for the first time we are getting a Jazz band in the doors to play. We are very excited.


Along with gathering the musical and visual artists to display and perform, I also create the postcards, market the shows and hang the shows. It is a large workload every two months, but I really enjoy pulling everything together. I created three different postcards for the Killer Art Show and also created the poster which you can see above.

If you are in the Minneapolis area, you need to come check out this art show. Free wine and cookies, live music and great local artists! What more could you want?

Check out my Art Tour 2008 and also Airbrushing projects. If you want to see more of my popular bearded bunnies check out the Bearded Bunny posts.

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