Monday, February 4, 2008

Billy Bob Bearded Bunny Ball

Billy Bob

It is always good to make sure to have an in-bred farmer bunny. For those that have not been visiting my website lately you should check out my Etsy sales of my bearded bunnies.

How many bunnies will I create?

I will keep creating bunnies, until the well runs dry. I recently made a post hinting at the Art-O-Mat cigarette machines turned art machines. My bearded bunnies can be found across the nation in these machines. It is a blast to create bunnies for these machines.

Check out my Bob Dylan Bearded Bunny and the number of other bunnies I have been uploading to my blog for your viewing pleasure. If you want a FREE bearded bunny print all you have to do is donate any amount to my art tour.


Magdalen Islands said...

Very attractive setting for your artwork. I do like you bunnies.

Dizzy Dee said...

Very cute!! I love your art!

sarahelizabeth said...

Interesting work.

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