Saturday, December 8, 2007

Airbrushed WW2 Fighter Planes


Often times for my job as an airbrush artist (billy and the old man design), I am asked to do mock up tests of a certain subject or color scheme. This mock car was painted with WW2 fighter planes depicting a night scene. The potential customer was just throwing out this idea of figther places, since he himself was involved in WW2. Given the notes I took during our meeting I went ahead and created this sample to show him.

Candy & Clear

You can find the blog and pictures of this project before its candy and clear coats here. As you can tell, the dark blue candy gives the overall look and feel of night. The added explosion and clear coat brings out the white pearl which was laid down first. As you can tell from the earlier blog, all details and artwork was done prior to the addition of the candy coat. Any color could have gone over the artwork to give the work the feel of early yellow morning, orange sunlight, or any array of emotion.

Larger Project

Given the success of the mock up (once buffed) the customer will decide if he approves of the color, the vehicles, the composition and we can lay out a much more elaborate design on his Harley. Since I went through a lot of planning and steps to achieve this sample, I can follow and alter my strategy for a bigger project.

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