Monday, November 19, 2007

Three New Bearded Bunny Balls!

A halloween influenced bunny ball.

Bright red with a bow tie to boot.

Two kitanas actually. One very dangerous bearded bunny.

Bearded Bunny Balls
This batch adds to my current collection of bearded bunny balls, and part of a blog project called: The Bearded Bunny Ball Blog Project. The project pits my strategy to create and sell bunny prints online. I am also using it to pit Ebay vs. Etsy in a sell off. You can find all this information in the BBBBproject link.

New Etsy Auctions
Ebay had its chance to sell my bunnies and now the remaining bunnies, including the brand new bunnies are hopping over to Etsy. See the new Etsy Bearded Bunny Sales.

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