Monday, November 19, 2007

Portrait of Three Girls

Three Sisters, arcylic on canvas, 18 X 24"

One of the best parts of the holiday season for myself as an artist is commissioned paintings. Usually by the end of December I am burnt out and tired of doing them, but I always enjoy the first few. This portrait of three sisters is my first holiday comission of 2007.

William Hessian dot com
My personal art website, will soon host a section to display a gallery of portraits I have done over the years. I am waiting until I have enough to fill a solid online gallery of works. I do slightly fear becomming just a portrait artist and never having time for my own works, however this is easily combated by simply altering my asking price.

Next commission

My next commission is a small work with a business tie theme. Following that commission is aseries of four small kitties, in the style of my bearded bunnies. both projects will be featured here.

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Struggling Parents said...

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