Saturday, October 19, 2013

Classic Halloween Characters: Hidden in Miniature Art Hunt


The Classic Halloween Characters you see above are actually only 1.5 inches wide, each. Frankenstein, black cat, ghost, witch, mummy, pumpkin, werewolf, vampire, devil, and skeleton. Costa Mesa, California is home to yet another miniature art hunt invented by artist, William Hessian in which a city is invited to search for these incredibly small original works of art. If you want to follow the progress of the hunt, or view a photo gallery head on over the CMHS Cheer page. A huge thank you to Kori Johnson who runs the hunt portion of the project at the high school. She has been putting together excellent art hunts in Costa Mesa with me for years, and she does an incredible job! 

If you are not familiar with William Hessian's Art Hunts (click the link to learn more) it is a project that brings art to the people, and people to the parks. Over 25 art hunts have been performed in 7 states since 2008, and more art hunts happen every summer/fall. You can bring art hunts to your community by contacting the artist or leaving a comment on this post. 

This particular annual art hunt takes place to coincide with the Costa Mesa High School Homecoming Celebration and invites the entire city to get involved and search for these hidden little works of art. William's miniatures sell in a handful of galleries in Minnesota, Maine and North Dakota and each miniature fetches between $50 to 300 dollars each. 

Above are the weather proofed miniatures just a few minutes before setting sail in the ocean that is the postal service. 

Below are some photo clues and some of the winners!

hidden pumpkin

hidden skeleton 
 hidden ghost
 hidden black cat (found in photo at top of post)
 hidden werewolf
 hidden frankenstein
 hidden devil
 hidden witch
 hidden vampire
Found Skeleton
 Found Frankenstein
 Can you tell which one went missing? Who found it? Who will claim it?
Vampire was found!

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