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A marathon of art will be happening at the Meg Perry Center (644 Congress St) on Friday, August 2nd 2013. The Hidden Ladder Collective is going to lock themselves inside the Meg Perry Center and create artwork starting at 7am and will not stop until 7pm, right in the midst of the First Friday Artwork. Some Artists will be working on ground level and some up on ladders to create 12 giant paintings that will be collaboratively created using every art weapon you can imagine (paints, pastels, pencils, crayons, markers, glue, plaster, etc). People are welcome to come by at anytime to watch the progress. An art table will also invite those visiting to create their own additions which may even be glued to the future paintings.  The event is a fundraiser to save the financially struggling Meg Perry Center; as people can pledge money towards the center for each hour an artist works during the event. Both highest pledgers and random pledgers will be selected as the winners of the paintings at the end of the night (8-9pm). Music and food will accompany the 5-9pm portion of the event. The list of artists will be published on the event page prior to the event.

Abbeth Russell said, "There are no limits to what the artists can create as long as it has its roots in the paper of that hour" which is typical of a Hidden Ladder Collective art show. In response to the interactive-ness of the recent art shows at the Meg Perry Center William Hessian said, "We invite everyone to a part of our art shows! Everyone is an artist, and everyone is included!". It may be this attention to inclusiveness which has resulted in the collective to go from 2 artists, to over 60 artists in less than a year, and garnering hundreds of people each First Friday.  

Artists will show up as early as 7 am on First Friday (August 2nd) with as many art supplies and instruments as they can carry. Twelve 3x10 foot strips of paper will cover the walls, each marked with a time of day from 7am to 7pm. 7am will begin closest to the door and each hour will pull the artists further into the space as the day progresses. Artists will move on the hour from surface to surface. They will be working up on ladders as well as at ground level. As the day passes, the collaborative show will develop. As each hour ends, the piece of that hour will be complete. The results of each hour might become visually connected to each other or remain as separate works. The paper can be painted, drawn, collaged, cut, sculpted, and infinitely altered. Themes will surface, writing will be scrawled, and visual battles will be fought leaving their histories smeared on the paper. Lines and brushstrokes will unite and create vibrant offspring. Masterpieces will emerge and the messy secrets of the artistic process will be exposed. Meanwhile musicians will be on the stage composing an original show to perform that evening during the last half hour of the visual art collaboration (7:30pm-8pm). The show will be recorded live and produced as an album. The event will be open to the public starting at 7 am. Viewers are invited to come in throughout the day and witness the productivity and creation.

Contributors can choose to sponsor 1 or multiple artists. Artists can choose to stay for just 1 hour or for the full 12 hours. By staying longer they are not only making more for themselves and the Center, but also give their sponsors a better chance of being the “highest bidders.” The tally of hours begins when an artist enters the Center and ends when they leave or at 8pm.

This show will be a behind the scenes look at some of the most exciting visual and auditory artists in the Portland area. It will also be a performance and endurance piece. A video recording of the event will be broadcasted live at

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