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GIVEAWAY: Tickets to "Exhibition: Munch"

A Bearded Bunny Blog Giveaway! 
Do you want free tickets for two "EXHIBITION: MUNCH" Great Art on Screen. All the info is below. If you are living in the greater Twin Cities area and want to see this screening you can win tickets right here on my blog. 

How do you win? 
Easy. Simply leave a comment explaining which of the three famous artists on the poster: Manet, Munch or Vermeer is your favorite, and why. Make sure you provide an e-mail in your comments and in a few days I will select two winners from the comments who will be getting free tickets for two to the show. Act fast, because these tickets need to be mailed out soon.

EXHIBITION: MUNCH – Great Art on Screen
June 27th

EXHIBITION will feature the world’s foremost upcoming art exhibitions, creatively captured by / Seventh Art Productions - producers of the multi-award-winning arts biographies “In Search of …” (titles include Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and Chopin) and broadcast via NCM Fathom Events digital network to over 250 cinemas nationwide. The events won’t just cover the exhibition’s paintings: important questions will be also asked and answered. What lies behind the exhibition creatively and technically?  What does this particular collection of paintings and objects reveal about the artist or the particular historical period? What do we learn about the presenting institution?  These will be wonderful records of extraordinary exhibitions and first-rate biographies of artists. The events will combine sensitively shot material about the artist and period, filmed both at the exhibition and on location.

SYNOPSIS - In 2013, all of Norway will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Edvard Munch (1863–1944), one of the towering figures of modern art. This is already being hailed a “once-in-a-lifetime show”.  Global interest is huge - not least as a result of one of his four The Scream paintings having recently set a public art auction record of $120 million.
Munch 150 will be co-hosted by the National Museum and the Munch Museum, both in Oslo. This exhibition is the most ambitious presentation of Munch’s art ever. With 220 paintings it will display the greatest number of Munch’s key works ever. Many know Munch as the man who painted The Scream, but his complete works are remarkable and secure his place as one of the most greatest artists to have ever lived. 

Once again, the event will be going behind-the-scenes to show some of the process of putting the exhibition together – as well as touring Norway to provide an in-depth biography of a man who lived from the mid 19th century right through to the German occupation of Norway in the Second World War.  Norwegian and international guests will also offer their expert insight and knowledge to host Tim Marlow.  A superb show and a fantastic event for cinema screens.

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