Friday, March 29, 2013

Off the Wall: Satire in Contemporary American Art

Image: "Worry Wart" By Gordon Carlisle

Richard Boyd Gallery

For those of you who may be in or around Portland, Maine during the month of April I hope you'll come out to the gallery as we have a great exhibit opening next week. Subtle satire, protest and humor are some of the thoughts evoked by artworks in the new exhibit "Off The Wall: Satire in Contemporary American Art" opening April 5th at 10:00 AM. The exhibition explores social, political and environmental issues creating an exhibit that is meaningful, challenging and relevant. The multi-media exhibit features paintings, sculpture, collages and prints all united by the common theme of exploring contemporary issues through the use of satire. The works engage the viewer to discover the hidden truth or pause and reflect on the issue at hand. Works by Gordon Carlisle, Kenny Cole, Scott Minzy, Bud Swenson, Brandon Lutterman, William Hessian, Nancy Benner and Jay LaBrie are on exhibit through April 30. Artists reception Saturday April 6th from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM. Visit the Richard Boyd Gallery online.

Links about the show: 

This is a sneak preview of my satirical miniatures. You can see my shoe at the bottom for scale. You will need to see the actual show to figure out the satirical portion of the work, I am challenging the effect of price in art. Taking the ferry from Portland to Peak's Island is something everyone should experience, and if you do stopping at the Richard Boyd Gallery is a must. If you can do it in April to see this show, it would be fantastic.

    The work in the show features some of my favorite artists from Maine including Kenny Cole. I am interviewing Kenny Cole on my blog in the next few months to discuss his artwork, his political focus and his work ethic. I am honored to be included in this show among a very talented group of artists.  The best part of this group of artists, is that it is clear they are willing to take chances with their art, I respect that.

If you are a fan of miniature art you should check out my 100 miniatures post, a show I did in Jamestown North Dakota at the art center. Or you can also browse this blog for all of my free miniature art hunt projects, where I challenge different communities to find my hidden artwork and win prizes.

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