Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Child's View From Gaza *CENSORED*

Yesterday, I spent the day hanging a powerful art show called A Child's View From Gaza. Over 40 drawings done by children in Gaza are on display and the artwork depicts Isreali tanks, guns, soliders, violence, burning, Palestine children and families bleeding and running, throwing rocks, and people on stretchers. The art show was censored and cancelled in Oakland, California due to the content.
I learned a lot about this art show from the published book A Child's View From Gaza. Apparently, in Gaza and other places around the world, a common therapy for children is art therapy, where the children are asked to express things that are weighing on them. In Gaza these drawings of death, loss, and war were abundant. The artwork was so powerful that the show was put together and has been show all across the world.

I highly recommend this book if you are interested in the Palestine/Isreali conflict. I also highly recommend this book if you enjoy powerful political art or children's art. From an artist stand point the artwork is really incredible on its own.

Please check out the facebook event page: A Child's View From Gaza. The show will be up for January's First Friday artwalk at the Meg Perry Center and for the remainder of the month.

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