Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Judging the Arts and Acts Festival

Northville, Michigan has an annual art festival called the Arts and Acts Festival (formerly known as the Northville Art in the Sun Festival). This festival is filled with artists of all disciplines, painters, sculptures, ceramic artists, fiber artists, jewelers, photographers and so much more. During the event live music acts perform, film festivals are held, and theatre and dance groups may perform. The three day festival transforms the cute little downtown area into a whirlwind of great activities fun for the entire family. This year they even had a carnival coinciding with the festival.

If you are new to me, William "The Canvas Killer" Hessian, my blog, or my artwork you might want to spent some time browsing around, googling my name, or going to my art website. During my travels I have become very familiar with festivals across the midwest including the Uptown Art Fair (MN), Red Hot Art Festival (MN), the Adventure Festival(MN) and the White Cloud Days (ND). My two biggest festival events are Art Hunts, or Art Battles. My art battles involve live art creation and then art destruction of the losing art, usually with axes, swords, ink filled super soakers or some other fun way to destroy things. My art hunts are a community project, like a scavenger hunt, where everyone searching for hidden miniature hand drawn artworks and win prizes for finding them. I have performed 28 art hunts all across the country in 8 different states in the last 7 years. I was in Northville, Michigan performing my second annual art hunt for the Arts and Acts Festival.

check out the ice carving

How I came to actually be one of the three judges for this years' festival was a bit unusual. My very good friend, and great artist in her own regards, Took Gallagher hosts me each time I come to Michigan, and this year she was a judge in the festival. All of the preparations that she helped me with for the art hunt actually had Took, unfortunately, fall under the weather. As a last minute decision I was asked to judge in her place. I was happy to do it, and I enjoyed both of my fellow judges very much. Our decisions were unanimous after only a brief huddle and the winners were awarded:
Best in show went to Blaise Antonio Peluso for his incredible rock carvings. The pieces themselves were amazing, and the rocks he had hand mined himself.

First place went to painter Kim Rhoney, for her big bright impressive paintings. Many of her works were done with palette knife and depicted sun flowers or landscapes.

Second Place went to the jeweler, . The designs were really incredible, the booth was beautiful and the prices were very affordable.

A big thanks to the Northville Art House for the entire event! Also thanks to the artist, and everyone that came out. Now you should read all about the Northville Art Hunt, or even go on the art hunt yourself (from your computer), you can see the new art o mat blocks I created while staying with Took, or read about the DAM garden party.

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