Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guest Blogging at Fraught with Meaning

The Northville Art Hunt was this weekend. Which meant that I was able to visit my good friend Took Gallagher and invade Northville Michigan's Arts and Acts Festival to perform another miniature art hunt! I have a million photos and blogs to write about it, but it will take me a few days to get caught up. Especially trying to keep up with my King of the Pill daily web comic. Took Gallagher allowed me to be the first ever guest blogging on her awesome blog called, Fraught with Meaning. If you want to see some of the fun that has happened this weekend, including photos, descriptions and a bunch of silliness make sure to visit her blog.

Here i am hiding art for the art hunt!

I was also featured in today's blog post, One Chip to Rule Them All. I got to finish up my art hunt and art table at the festival and go on an adventure with Took Gallagher and Juana Moore to LIFT, a designer toy store, in Detroit Michigan. We got to meet the store owner Kent, and I got to see the Art O Mat machine there.

Here I am with some of the winner's of this years art hunt in Northville, Michigan

The art hunt drawing table was a big success. We made three six-foot murals in three days. Fully colored and incredibly detailed.

Here i am in the center of two great artists Took Gallgher and Juana Moore as we visit LIFT, the designer toy store in Detroit Michigan.

I am also featured in Fraught with Meaning Day 174 as we prepared for the Northville Arts and Acts festival. You can also see photos of the art hunt preparation in Fraught with Meaning Day 173.

Once again, I have had a blast in Northville, Michigan and I cannot wait to write about the DAM Detroit Artist Market garden party with Carla Morbito, being a judge for the Arts and Acts Festival, my 28th Miniature Art Hunt, the art hunt drawing table, and of course the adventures with Took Gallagher (who is always a blast to be around)! More blog posts on the way!

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Mitch said...

Great to read about your artistic endeavors! Glad to hear you're having an awesome time in Michigan! Keep on keepin' on!

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