Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Detroit Artist Market Garden Party with Carla Morabito

During my trip to Northville, Michigan for my miniature art hunt at the arts and acts festival, I got an invite to check out the Detroit Artist Market's Garden Party in Detroit. The DAM (Detroit Artist Market) is a collection of local artists who band together and do some really neat art shows and art events. One of these annual events is a fancy garden market, where a lawn is transformed into an art sale/garden party.

Local artist Carla Morabito (pictured with me in the photos below) invited me to come along and check out the garden party. There was an impressive table of refreshments, upbeat live music and 60 artists selling and displaying their work on these white lawn tables.

The hour and a half we stayed, I felt like I was getting a sneak peak into one of larger art groups in the Detroit area, and I got browse many different styles and subjects of art that this area was exploring. Being at the party with Carla was a bonus, because she knew a number of the artists and also new a lot about the work we were looking at. The very first paintings we saw, Carla was actually the model for, so the first painting we saw was of Carla herself, which was pretty interesting.

The house itself used to be an old nunnery, and was quite impressive. Carla and myself tried to go inside to explore but we got kicked out pretty fast, as the inside was being remodeled and we weren't supposed to be wandering around in there i guess.

Afterwards, we explored Detroit a bit, and I met few of Carla's friends who I enjoyed. It was a fun trip to Detroit, the day before I had to hide all of the art for the art hunt. I will be posting all about the art hunt, the art booth, judging the artists in the Arts & Acts Festival and you can even try to find art in the Miniature Art Hunt by playing online.

Thanks to Carla Morabito for the look into the Detroit Artist Market!

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