Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter 2012

My winter update. As we transition in the midwest from long sleeves, to three layers of sweaters and coats we get to watch the gold, yellow in oranges transform into white, which sadly quickly turns to gray. While the expected seasons change I am, like most seasons, going through yet another change myself. I have just moved from Minneapolis to St. Paul, however temporarily because in January I will be moving from Minnesota to Jamestown, North Dakota for my sixth artist-in-residency.

This move will be the 6th time I have moved in the past 12 monhts, including three different states, and many stops inbetween. It doesn't show signs of stopping either. 2012 looks to be another lily pad of a year for the Canvas Killer.

Especially since my home has also been half Occupy these last few months:

Occupy is a movement I feel strongly about. I am part of the 99% and think the world can be a better place with stronger local communities and less government. If you live in Minneapolis, stop by Occupy Minneapolis for General Assemblies or other actions and you are likely to see me; please say hi. A lot of my newest work has been about Occupy, what it means and the movement itself:

As the craziness of this last year comes to a close, I also get to look back at a myriad of jobs that I have held this past year including: Staples Copy Center, an eldery resident security guard, the Walker Art Center, a Youth Basketball instructor and of course my more permanent self representing artist position.

In my art career, last week I killed canvas on stage at the St. Paul History Theatre at Sample Night Live, and donated art to Thick River holiday. I have a few boxes of Art-O-Mat blocks to finish up and I have been working on a number of larger paintings.

This leads me to what is to come in the future. As previously mentioned, I return to the Jamestown Art Center, to teach kids art. I will be in 6 elementary schools for 8 weeks, I will be teaching after school classes, and comic book art class. I am also working with the elderly residents of Ava Maria to paint a 30 foot mural in their hallway between buildings. I have also been asked to teach art classes inside the mall on the weekends, and it looks like I will have a full schedule in Jamestown per usual. Canvas Kill Live art performances on web cam will be returning in Jamestown as long as I can find a good place to set up and perform. I hope to do 3 performances over the winter.

I will leave with a little teaser for my newest project which will begin January 1st, 2012 and continue every day of 2012:

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Took said...

Yow -- you are one busy guy on the move!

I love the animation.

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