Saturday, November 5, 2011

Erica Williams at Artifex Manuum

Erica Williams at Artifex Manuum

Last night, I stopped at Artifex Manuum in Minneapolis to see a display of drawings and paintings by Erica Williams. Erica Williams' works have an impressive blend of art nouveau, native america spiritual themes, and folklore. The works often include an ink drawing at its core, usually accompanied by acrylic or colored pencil for added colors. A figure or an animal is usually the base subject matter and a story seems to unnravel around each character.

Make sure to check out Williams work on her website, Erica Williams Illustration. Also keep an eye on the upcoming shows for Altered Esthetics as Erica was chosen as one of the recipients of a solo show.

I met Erica Williams a few months ago when she submitted work to the keyholes and cages zine I put together earlier this year.

One wall of drawings that was on display

Here is my favorite drawing Erica Williams had at the show. The orignal and prints are available for sale.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive work!

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