Saturday, October 22, 2011

OCCUPY ART: Needed now!

artist unknown

Artists around the world, it is time to strike while to iron is hot. The political climate is heating up as the Occupy Movements gathers momentum. It is up to the artists to make it boil. Together we can produce the images that will put and brand and a face on this movement. The artists around the world need to support Occupy and produce works that will lead more people into the movement. The 99% movement needs the support of the artists, and we need the art now.

I have been to Occupy Minneapolis every few days to help paint signs and make posters to hang up around town, you can see photos at The Best Kind of Pie is OCCUPY. But Occupy now needs more than just signs, slogans and posters, it needs serious attention from artists everywhere. Occupy Art needs to fill up Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to effectively fuel this movement.

Some artists are already on the task. Check out these incredible images for Occupy:

Ninety Nine to One by Eddie Colla

by Chicago IWW

Hilarious batman artwork by artist Anjinanhut

Occupy Oakland by Cannon

source: rob-sheridan

Also check out Political Art for a Much Needed Time. Also bookmark this particular blog post because I will be adding new Occupy Art to this page as I find it. If you have seen some Occupy Art that I should include please link it in the comments and I will get it up on this post.

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Anonymous said...

Great occupyface art, bottom up, upside down:

also at;

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