Saturday, October 8, 2011

Artwork being Found in California

The third art hunt in Costa Mesa, Califnornia is happening right now! I hide little artworks all around the public places in the town and everyone is encouraged to go hunting for original (but miniature) art. I then post clues like this:

The clues help people find the artwork. And, find them they do. Check out the first few winners of this years art hunt:

I spend my art hunt weekends uploading clues, getting e-mails from winners, or participants asking questions. I upload photo galleries and ad new clues all weekend long. The hunt goes until all artworks are found. You can see all the clues at the Costa Mesa art hunt website. A huge shout out to Kori Johnson! Without her this art hunt would not have been even close to possible.

You can also learn about my Art as Treasure project and how you can help bring an art hunt to your town.

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