Saturday, August 20, 2011

Took's Animals: An Art-O-Mat Collaboration

Took Gallagher sent me a box of 100 cute animals traced onto blocks in which I get to color. It is a collaboration of work that will be sold in Art O Mat machines across the country. I am following in the footsteps of artist Juana Moore, who previously did a similar collaboration with Took for Art O Mat. The project is called Penciled In. At that website you can see photos of their great collaborations, and see what Juana did with the similar blocks that I am working with. I got to see a batch of Juana & Took's blocks in person, and I can say I was very inspired to work on my own batch.

The photo above and below were drawn and designed by Took, and I added all the color.

I currently have a 4th (25 of 100) of the batch done, and try to get a few done each night. I am using prismacolor colored pencils almost exclusively. This has been a fun switch from my bearded bunnies, which is the series I typically submit to Art O Mat. I have sold over 1000 bunnies to Art O Mat since 2005, and the bunnies have been sold all across the country. If you are not familiar with Art O Mat or their vendable art, or the repurposed vintage cigarette machines, you should head on over to the website and check it is a great project.

Make sure to check out Penciled In and visit both Took Gallagher and Juana Moore's website. I will be posted the next batches here before I send them off to Art O Mat.


Took said...

Oooooooh -- they are turning out SO wonderful and cool!!! I LOVE them!

You have such mad skills!

Anonymous said...


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