Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great Jamestown Treasure Hunters

For six consecutive years I have been creating miniature artwork and hiding in Jamestown, North Dakota. Each year treasure hunters of all ages venture out in the heat searching for these incredibly small paintings. I want to thank all of the great participants from Jamestown who are dedicated, determined and skilled at finding the hidden work; even if I make it extremely difficult. I look forward to next year!

You can see the entire photo gallery at the Jamestown Art Hunt website.

The Jamestown Sun newspaper provided a lot of help advertising the hunt this year, posting the clues on their website over the weekend events. The Jamestown Art Center, like every year, was an incredible support for the art hunt and it would not be possible without their help.

1 comment:

Bel said...

These are so fantastic!! Excellent job! :)

<3 Belly B

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