Monday, July 18, 2011

Billy vs Matt 13: TWO BOXES

drawing by Matt Semke

Billy vs Matt 13: TWO BOXES

Artists William Hessian “Billy” and “Matt” Semke are at it again. The two artists will be having an art battle at the Red Hot Art Festival in Stevens Square Park July 30th and 31st. This is the 13th “Billy vs Matt” art battle since 2004. Past battles have included ink filled super soakers, axe chopping art, 10 foot poles, sledding art and many more. For this festival Billy or Matt will never be seen, they will be hidden under 4 foot boxes creating art. Inside each box the artists will frantically create works of art in their cramped dark space that they will leave behind as they move about the festival in their boxes. After each artwork is completed the artist will lift their box and shuffle to a new location, with only two eye holes to help them navigate with the outside world. To determine the winner of the battle the audience at the fair is invited to drop money the box that is creating the artwork they like best. The participants can collect the work that is being left behind every few minutes during the two day festival. 50% of all proceeds from Billy Vs Matt 13 will be donated to a local charity supporting the homeless.

The Red Hot Art Festival is a fantastic gathering of local artists, musicians, food, and performances. Live music is played all weekend long, activities for kids, food booths, and dozens of tents and booths set up with local artists selling paintings, ceramics, zines, crafts, magnets, stuffed animals and much more.

This will be the 3rd Billy Vs Matt Art Battle at the Red Hot Art Festival. Come by and see two artists make art inside boxes!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys really think outside the box ... or not!

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