Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meeting Stephen from Stephenvlog

One day, almost exactly 450 days ago, I stumbled on a video log called StephenVlog. I immediately felt a connection to a guy named Stephen and his goofy roommates in art school. Turns out his girlfriend (now fiancee) was from the midwest, familiar territory, and that the vlog seemed to be about many things that I am interested in, like: Magic the Gathering, video games, sarcastic humor, technology, pranks, movies, food, relationships, friends, and college life.

In addition to editing a vlog EVERY SINGLE DAY, Stephen also uploads daily video game gameplay called Let's Plays. Calling him a prolific editor would be an understatement. The stars aligned yesterday, and Stephen and Mallory were in the Midwest at the same time I was driving home from the East Coast and I got to meet, and actually appear on the vlog itself:

It was a blast to meet both Stephen and Mallory, and I had a fantastic time. Our drawing turned out really good and I loved getting to chat about the vlog, and pick Stephen's mind about how he manages to produce so much work and create such an engaging product day in and day out. Mallory may even send me a screen print she made in art school.

The vlog itself, emphasized by meeting Stephen in person, has inspired me to consider doing a weekly vlog for one year.

Thanks StephenVlog

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Claire said...

You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too thanks

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