Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Countdown to the Midwest

As an artist, Portland Maine has been a great place to land. Downtown Portland, the east end, Congress street, First Friday art is all amazing. They say, it gets 5 times as amazing in the summer. Just my luck, I am leaving for the summer. I have spent the last 4 months soaking up what Portland, Maine has to offer. And let me tell you, I am saturated. I have met an army of amazing, creative, talented people. I could write 50 blogs about the people here, and the things they are doing. I currently do not have the time. Although, I am working on a collaborative zine with many of them, and plan to interview a few of them on my blog.

With the Portland paragraph out of the way, I am narrowing my sights on my trip back to the land of the lakes and all that surrounds it. In less than a month I perform an art hunt in Portland, Maine and then my awesome family is going to spend a day in Maine with me before we venture as a flock of Hessian's back across the country. The turmoil of this activity, and a series of art hunts and art shows I am performing has directly resulted in a few very interesting new paintings.

works in progress

More photos to come, as the series has grown to four. As far as my return to the midwest, it is already spotted with activity. On my way into town I am performing an art hunt in Northville Michigan. I return to the Jamestown Art Center in North Dakota for two weeklong artist in residences. I also return to the International Music Camp this June. I have also secured a spot with Matt Semke for Billy Vs Matt Art Battle 13 at the Red Hot Art Festival at the end of July. The summer of 2011.

Now it is time to create work, pack, plan, print mapquest direction, work, sell art. I do need as much support as possible while I make this expensive transition. If you are interesting in supporting me by buying art please visit my etsy shop. If you would like something not featured on my shop, shoot me and e-mail. Or you can donate to my art as treasure paypal account. Any little support helps.

I do have to admit that the tendrils of community in Portland have gripped me in many ways, and I already contemplate a return to Maine, while at the same time I am planning my return to the Midwest. I am not a skilled chess player, but I have learned a few things from good chess players, and as if life was a chess game I do try to think many moves ahead in my personal life. And trying to remember to enjoy each square that I currently occupy. I know the checkmate is out there, waiting to end the game, so it is best to have fun on the way. You will have to forgive the intense chess metaphor, as once I start on a metaphor it becomes hard to stop.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to know you lead such a quiet life!

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