Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art hunts and broken laptops

Art hunts and broken laptops.

I just made a few updates to the Art as Treasure art hunt page. I have been working hard to get all the details worked out in order to complete three art hunts in three separate states in the next three months. The art hunts include:

Portland, Maine
St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Northville, Michigan

Check out the Art as Treasure link for more info as it arrives. I should be a lot further in my planning but a broken laptop is making it very difficult. I've been spending my art hunt promotion and planning time just trying to find a good place to buy a refurbished laptop.

I may also be squeezing in my annual Jamestown, Buffalo Art Hunt. I am proposing an art hunt in Belfast, Maine as well. Which means, if everything is supported and approved I would be doing 5 art hunts this summer, in 4 different states. Which also means, I will not have time to do anything but those projects.

The other exciting news is that Billy Vs Matt was invited back to the 10th annual Red Hot Festival in Stevens Square Park in Minneapolis in July. I am not sure if we can accept, since I may not be in the Mid-west at that time but it is a possibility. Another exciting thing, if I do happen to return to Minnesota for an extended period, I have been asked to return to Sample Night Live and perform another Canvas Kill Live performance and put up artwork in the lobby.

A lot of really exciting opportunities are popping up for the next six months. One thing I am sure of, is returning to the International Music Camp to teach art June 19-25th. It was a blast last year, and I was honored to be asked back.

There is a lot to be working on this summer, and I need a laptop as soon as possible as it is an essential tool to get work done from home. Hopefully my next post will be from a new laptop.


Harry Hilders said...

Nice read.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a busy spring and summer!

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