Monday, February 7, 2011

One Eyed Yeti and the Birdcage Drama:Drawing a Day- Week 3

Art Clash's Fun A Day and invited anyone to do one thing (make a video, do a drawing, make your bed) every day of January and then document and display them all in one big show in February. Here is week 4's drawings, which means I only need to post the final 3 drawings to complete the collection. View the entire collection of drawings and learn where they will be on display in Portland, Maine.

Each week and each day it gets harder and harder to challenge myself to do a new drawing without doing too much overlapping of styles and subjects. This leads to some challenging moments of creation. In a way, it is the exact place you want to be in as an artist. Teetering on the brink of painters block, but staring out over a vast ocean of ideas. Which ones shall I pluck today?

You can read more about the individual drawings here:

Week 2: Wicked Cat and the Sad Snowman
Week 3: panda dragon and ladder portals

Artist Michael Rigney, a facebook friend, sends me links to his poetry and artwork frequently. Michael also has some very interesting theories on what makes an work of art appealing to the viewer. I have always struggled with abstract art, both as a viewer and as someone who has tried to make it. I tried to use his theories when putting this together.
My friend, Catherine, sent me a batch of links this day. One of the links was photographs by Ben Stirton. I especially enjoyed the one featuring the rotting calf, it was sad and beautiful. I added the flag, because i feel america is both sad and beautiful as well.
Seed Tanks. Shooting seeds to make flowers, instead of dead bodies.
This is the most controversial drawing of the week. The reason is because this drawing was taken from a sketch by Bridget McAlonan. Everyone should see her work at Inventing Trees. My version of her drawing is so similar that she was understandably offended by my drawing. I assured her that it was an homage because I love it not my attempt to steal her image.

One Eyed Yetti.

Teddy Vase

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Wow ... great variety and insight!

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