Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Sad Embersok

The Sad Embersok is the title of this drawing.

This weekend I drove to Waterville, Maine to play cards. It was a Magic the Gathering tournament for the release of a new set: Scars of Mirrodin. In the last year, this game has been something I've enjoyed sinking my teeth into (and by 'sinking my teeth' should probably be replaced with "being obsessed with"). At the event I had a little downtime and drew a few pictures:

If you happen to be a Magic player, you should aslo check out my articles that I write for Magic on a Budget. This rock monster seems like he could fit into a fantasy realm, maybe he's related to Rockbiter from the Never Ending Story:

After two drawings I was still waiting for the YuGiOh tournament to end, before the Magic event started so I drew up some goofy design. The quality of the photo is off a bit, since I had to jack up the contrast to minimize the discoloration from the flash:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the drawings! How did you do in the tournament?

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