Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Beard Billy

No Beard for Maine
I shaved off my facial hair and cut my hair. My move to Maine is a very real adventure, but I needed to change my face to represent the clean slate such a big move will be for my career as an artist. I will grow new facial hair, just like I will create new works of art. The packing is done, and I am teaching one final week of class at the Jamestown Art Center.

The class I am teaching this week is a week long all day art class called Zoofari. The 23 kids arrive at a local old folks home we build and paint giant cardboard zoo animals (giraffe, elephant, monkeys etc.) and then we are going to create a zoo in the open grass next to the old folks home. The residents come out to help us paint these animals each day. We break for lunch each day and return to the art center to do other zoo themed art projects. Today was clay animals, yesterday was wire sculptures. Tomorrow.... who knows.

I write about Magic now
In addition to writing this blog about art, I also write a blog about immortality and just recently accepted an offer to write blogs for a website called Magic on a Budget. I write articles about playing Magic the Gathering. I now have written pet blogs with Pet Haven, art blogs, immortality blogs, blogs about blogging and a whole bunch of random things. I think the best part about blogging, is that it is a little like homework without paying tuition and getting any grades.

Art Supplies
It is sad to see my art table empty. No art supplies mountain any more; its all in boxes labeled for Maine. I am excited about finding a place to live that actually has space for me to paint again. That will be nice.

And away we go....


Took said...

Oooh - the Zoofari project sounds so lovely...I hope you take some photos of the cardboard animals.

Kris said...

Love the no beard. It's been so long. Now grow back a very impressive beard!

I know you know, but you look so much younger. It's crazy.

Jaya said...

Wow, what an adorable face was hiding under that beard!!

William Hessian said...

now we are in Maine! I've got a good post of things to talk about, just not the time nor the internet to do it. It will be a little bit before we get everything up and running here. But when it does, blogs will come spilling out like toys out of a christmas stalking.

btw, i kinda enjoy the no beard right now

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