Thursday, July 8, 2010

Angry Candy

comic #97 out of 100
each time i sit down to draw my comics, I stare an Easter Bunny pez dispenser (unopened) that I got from either my brother or my parents (i forget which). the dispenser has been sitting there for months, and as I try to think of ideas of what to draw i keep remembering my childhood trying to load those darn things. It used to really make me mad. I assumed there was some brilliant method to which I was not privy, then I watch the Seinfeld episode and realized i wasnt the only Pez challenged person.

the other odd thing about this pez dispenser is that it comes with chocolate flavored pez. Yes, chocolate flavored pez. I am afraid to open it. The above comic features the imaginary scenario where chocolate flavored pez sounded great to me, and I rushed to open it and then found myself frustrated when trying to load the odd flavor into the dispenser. Our family used to collect pez dispensers when I was a kid. I have star wars pez dispensers, teenage mutant ninja turtle pez dispensers, holiday themed pez dispensers (like snowmen and santa), Looney Tunes pez dispensers, and some odd random ones like trucks or miscellaneous characters. Fun times.

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