Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Volatile Life of an Artist

The last few weeks have been a multi-colored blur. Two art hunts, in two different cities, in two different states, at the same time. A jam packed week long teaching gig at the International Music Camp (see pictures) and summer school classes at the Jamestown Art Center. Not to mention my girlfriend's grandma passing (she will be missed!) and a new kitten named Frasier.

I feel like each time a blink another week has passed. I barely have enough time to look ahead, and time is already passed. The scariest thing is that the next few weeks are going to be just as crazy, or possibly worse!

Kelsey (my girlfriend) and myself are planning a move to Maine. 30 hour drive with 3 cats, one turtle and all of our things. Kelsey will be attending Unity College, which is a school based on environmental studies, and I will be trying to afford rent as an artist or whatever job I need to get. Luckily, I love adventures.

Tonight, I pack for Minneapolis which is our 12th five hour trip(ten hours round trip) from Jamestown, ND to Minneapolis. So many things to do, family to see, and then back to Fargo, ND for a day long Artist to Artist conference. I was accepted to attend this workshop, and get to learn from other talented artists/teachers. I have to admit, I am very excited about the workshop.

I may also be teaching a week long class and living in Pekin, ND. I have been asked to do car/people portraits during a street festival here in Jamestown and I have a stack of art to put up and hopefully sell on my etsy art shop. The goal is to sell some extra things to afford the move to Maine.

Meanwhile, I'll be finishing my last few web comics in order to complete my full 100. I have my first ever private miniature art hunt to create (also really exciting). And maybe even working on a few new art projects (ha! who am i kidding?).

If you do not see a blog post in a few days, you'll know its because I'm running around the mid west trying to be an artist. When I get a few seconds I've got about a million things to write about (i.e. see everything above). But for now, I'm just going to show you our new kitten and finish packing.

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Kris said...

Awesome pictures.
Yeah it has been a crazy last month and I haven't done half the things you and Kelsey have been doing. I still can't believe how much you have traveled back and forth the last couple months.

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