Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Radial Symmetry Drawings

I teach a wide variety of classes during my residency at the Jamestown Art Center. Last week I taught Radial Symmetry. The two pictures above were the samples I created for the adult class. We used transparent vellum, sharpies and colored markers. The design is then cut out.

The photos do not convey the correct colors (no matter how much I tried to altered them in GIMP). However, they do display the two designs I used. To create a radial symmetry drawing you start with a square sheet that is one fourth the desired end result size. I tried the celtic version, and the more wacky one with faces. You then repeat and reverse the drawing onto the larger vellum until you have completed all four squares.

It is a very fun project. I would recommend doing this with middle school ages or above. The cost of materials is higher than average with vellum being relatively expensive paper. You could do this same project with regular paper if you had a proper light table, although vellum is pretty fun to work with.


The Braindead Aesthetic said...

This project looks like a lot of fun. Two things to consider when taking photos, especially of artwork on vellum.

1. The color of the lighting, some artificial light deadens colors and all except sunlight are missing wavelengths. If your camera can change its white balance that is the best way to start.

2. The light penetrates down into the paper some and reflects back out which can change the colors. On vellum this will reflect the surface your artwork is on, in the case of these pictures, a wood floor. You would have better luck on a white background.

Your friend The Braindeadaesthetic

William Hessian said...

good points. ill take this advice the next time i take pictures like this. i never really considered the background as affecting the colors.

makes sense.


Alicia Billings said...

That first one is really cool. Why do I get the feeling these were the best in the class.. hmm..

Kris said...

Very neat. The like the colors of the first one even if they aren't the correct colors. It totally reminds me of your crazy mazes you make.

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